Disclaimer against fraudulent recruiting activities

Nomad Engineers Consulting Group (Nomad Engineers LLC) is a fast-growing company providing job opportunities to hundreds of candidates worldwide.

There are certain unauthorized individuals fraudulently using our name, logo, and details to advertise and/or make fake job offers under the guise of Nomad Engineers or Nomad Engineers Consulting Group, communicating via websites, phone calls, and email, their intent is to secure upfront payment from prospective candidates for various fraudulent reasons, for instance, to conduct “background checks.”


To protect yourself against falling victim to these scammers, please be advised that:

  • ● Nomad Engineers Consulting Group will NEVER, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES, ask, charge, or accept any payment of any kind during the recruitment process.
  • ● We do not send job offers via free email services (Gmail, Outlook, etc.). 
  • ● Our representatives engage candidates only through the corporate domain @nomadengineers.com
  • ● Please be aware that scammers may use fake addresses, differing from that of our recognized domain by one or several letters. 

Furthermore, please note that:

  • ● Should you receive any unauthorized, suspicious, or fraudulent offer from any individual claiming to represent Nomad Engineers sent from any other domain, we strongly recommend that you refrain from replying and mark the message as spam.
  • ● If you question the validity of any communication you receive, you are welcome to contact us at contact@nomadengineers.com.
  • ● We bear no liability for any damage, including any amounts paid, caused through correspondence with fraudulent and/or unauthorized individuals. Such fraudulent communication shall not be treated as any kind of offer or representation by Nomad Engineers Cosulting Group.
  • ● We reserve the right to take legal action, including criminal action, against such individuals.